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Your key to success in the world of modern advertising

What Is Media Control

Media control is the key to success in the world of contemporary advertising. A proper and precise orchestration of various media channels can lead to astonishing results and significant savings in advertising Shekel. With the assistance of professional media control, we ensure that every advertising shekel is invested in reaching the target audience in the most optimal way.

The ability to gather and analyze media data, identify the most efficient channels, and promote campaigns accordingly allows for maximizing the advertising budget and achieving impressive results. Effective media control enhances the exposure to the target audience and fosters a closer and higher-quality connection with customers.

Advertising agencies typically charge a commission for using one of the media channels. This commission varies from client to client and is influenced by various factors. An experienced professional in the field can ensure the best conditions for maximizing the utilization of the advertising Shekel.

Just as it is recommended to consult with a mortgage advisor before buying a property, a media control specialist will ensure the selection of the right advertising mix based on the client's interests and with significant cost savings

"For the hen that chose to handle its media package on her own, I would recommend seeking the assistance of a media consultant who will represent her interests. This way, she won't end up like a chicken soup by the end of the evening."

Who am I?

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My name is Guy Gutman, with extensive experience in the field of media and advertising. In 2010, I decided to dedicate myself to the world of media, and since then, I have worked in various media areas, from procurement to planning and media control.


Throughout my years of experience, I have faced diverse challenges in managing complex advertising campaigns both in Israel and internationally, within the media departments of leading advertising companies. This experience has enhanced my practical ability to refine media plans while significantly reducing costs.

Meticulously attending to every detail of the media planning and control process, including precise data analysis and diagnosis, leads to the optimization of media budgets. In collaborative efforts with each client, we find ways to maximize advertising budgets and focus media plans to precisely target the potential customer audience.

The cornerstones of professional guidance include a deep commitment to the success of my clients, a holistic examination of advertising, and the provision of the most comprehensive and personalized service to ensure excellent results and uncompromising success.

I believe I can lead and contribute to the success of your businesses, and I would be delighted to share my knowledge, experience, and connections to ensure that your message reaches its goal.


For Whom Is The Service Suitable?

Companies and businesses that do not employ experienced media specialists in their marketing department, rely instead on advertising agencies as the exclusive entity to manage the advertising budget and media mix. You can optimize your advertising both in terms of cost reduction and focusing on the media mix.


Working With Startups

In recent years, Israel has experienced significant growth in both the quantity and quality of Israeli startups, attracting considerable interest from international investors.


Fields such as cybersecurity, information technologies, biotechnology, and AI are just some of the areas where Israel is a global leader. Israel has the potential to become a world hub for development and entrepreneurship in the coming years, influencing work and life globally.

Many startup companies aim to prove that their inherent potential can indeed succeed and conquer the world. Professional media consulting may serve as a crucial push in the right direction toward success.

Startup companies looking to expand into new markets in Europe and the Far East are invited to get in touch for comprehensive media consulting, including media planning, targeted campaign development, and traffic generation.

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